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Managing Equity and Diversity at Universities

von: Guenther Vedder (Ed.)

Rainer Hampp Verlag, 2006

ISBN: 9783866181182 , 176 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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Managing Equity and Diversity at Universities


The demands for equal opportunities, the constructive treatment of personnel diversity and the focussed implementation of heterogeneous potential are among the greatest challenges for modern organizations. No one organization will be able to avoid these new challenges. Also universities will have to pre-occupy themselves with the moral, legal but also economic arguments for this realm. They are compelled to keep pace with modern developments, and for this reason will want to be viewed as fair employers educating younger staff who will later be confronted with international diversity demands on the labor market. This volume documents various experiences which have been collected in Managing Equity and Diversity at universities in Australia, Canada and the USA. Beyond this, there are three articles documenting Equal Opportunity circumstances at Austrian, German and Swiss universities. It was written for decision-makers of tertiary educational institutes who might want to know more about the application of Diversity Management.
Key words:
managing diversity, employment equity, multiculturalism, (inter-)national universities, gender management

The editor

Dr. Guenther Vedder, works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration, focussing on "Work- Personnel-Organization" at the University of Trier.