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Young Victims, Young Offenders - Current Issues in Policy and Treatment

Young Victims, Young Offenders - Current Issues in Policy and Treatment

von: Letitia C Pallone

Taylor and Francis, 2014

ISBN: 9781317739883

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Young Victims, Young Offenders - Current Issues in Policy and Treatment


At a time when the nation is focused on devising new responses to street crime and on reforming the juvenile justice system, this book brings together in a single volume, current and emerging perspectives on the control of crime by and against children and youth. Young Victims, Young Offenders provides you with an overview of established and emerging practices in treating juvenile offenders and adults who prey on children and youth.This book explores the nature and causes of criminal offenses committed by and against juveniles. While children and youth show up statistically as offenders, they also figure disproportionately as victims. The contributing authors consider both of these aspects as they discuss current programs for the treatment of youths who commit or are victimized by criminal offenses.Topics of a wide range are addressed in Young Victims, Young Offenders for people--like you-- who work with our nation's youth. A sampling of topics includes:How states address child maltreatment through reporting laws and special courtroom proceduresAssociations between selected psychosocial variables and chronic delinquencyImplications of mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws on treating offendersThe success of diversion during a 20-year period in a youth service bureauClinical techniques in the treatment of juvenile sex offendersA study on the effectiveness of an intervention program in Iowa for youthful offendersThis book is useful for the pre-service student pursuing course work in juvenile delinquency, correctional counseling, probation, parole, and social work. At the in-service level, correctional counselors, probation officers, parole officers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, correctional administrators, and child care workers can find much to challenge and enhance their effectiveness in their work with young victims and offenders.