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Young Clergy - A Biographical-Developmental Study

Young Clergy - A Biographical-Developmental Study

von: Donald Capps, Andrew J Weaver

Taylor and Francis, 2014

ISBN: 9781317786733

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Young Clergy - A Biographical-Developmental Study


Five historic ministersfive formative career pathswhich path are you on?According to Daniel Levinson's developmental theory, each person's professional career path forms at the same time in their life, in their 20s and 30s. Young Clergy: A Biographical and Developmental Study applies Levinson's study to ministerial practice, mapping the career patterns of five historical ministers during that time period in each life. The author clearly presents deep psychological insightssupported by solid biographical information on each minister's actions and reactions to challengesillustrating how the theory holds relevance for young professional clergy even today.Young Clergy: A Biographical and Developmental Study reviews each minister's Novice Phase, where the major tasks of forming a dream, forming mentor relationships, and forming an occupation are presentedand stringently supported by concrete biographical events. The book then shows how this phase leads each from their early adult transition through their entrance into the adult world, and then on to the life-altering events in the Age 25 Shift and the Age 30 Transition. From there the text reveals the formative Settling Down Period through events that unfold between the ages of 33-40. The author discusses how this period determines the subsequent course of each one's career and, more importantly, shapes each one's attitudes, values, and convictions of a life as a minister. Using fascinating biographical information from multiple sources, the author builds a well-reasoned case that no matter how long ago these important men lived, their career patterns and lives hold a wealth of insightful information to help you maximize strengths and minimize liabilities in your own career and life today.Young Clergy: A Biographical and Developmental Study closely examines these five historical figure's biographies, and reviews each applicable theoretical career path: Phillips Brooksadvancement within a stable life structure Jonathan Edwardsdecline or failure within a stable structure John Henry Newmanbreaking outtrying for a new structure John Wesleyadvancement produces change in life structure Orestes Brownsonunstable life structureYoung Clergy: A Biographical and Developmental Study is an in-depth historical and psychological exploration of the lives of ministers and their relevance for present day clergy, perfect for professors, seminary deans of students, field education directors and their staffs, hospital chaplains involved in vocation issues, young pastors and their pastoral supervisors, and teachers of church history.