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How To Keep A Man And Make Him Adore You

von: Kerby Lapointe

BookBaby, 2012

ISBN: 9781623094409 , 200 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: frei

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How To Keep A Man And Make Him Adore You


Ladies! When you are in a relationship, be confident! Your man chose you because you are special to him, so don't worry about other women who may look better than you and whether your man might think they are attractive! Another woman might be beautiful on the outside, but could be ugly on the inside. Don't try to compete with other women! Focus on yourself and your relationship and try to be the best you can be! Outside beauty doesn't last forever, but a nice personality is timeless. Women! You have to believe you are special, and that there is no one else like you. Know that you have your own unique beauty. Remember! Beauty is only skin deep. Don't show insecurity by comparing your looks to other women! Be happy with who you are and be comfortable in your own skin! Be confident that your man chose you because he loves you for who you are.

Ladies! If your man is treating you well and has always been there for you emotionally and physically, don't look for problems! Just enjoy being with him. Don't let your ego destroy your relationship! If your man asks you if you are cheating on him, just answer the question, don't get upset and make a big deal out of it by not talking to him just because he is concerned. Keep it simple and just answer his question! If you are not cheating, tell him so and reassure him that you have no reason to cheat, that you are happy with him and that the sex is good. Let him know cheating on him never crossed your mind. Tell him, 'babe, you have nothing to worry about, you are the only man I want to be with.' That will give him peace of mind and he will be confident that you are happy with him.

Ladies! When you are in a relationship, you and your man should never go an entire day angry, refusing to talk to each other. No matter what, keep the lines of communication open. It's the only way you will resolve problems in the relationship. Never go to bed angry at each other. You both should sleep in the same bed every night even if you were arguing earlier that day. Don't send your man to go sleep on the couch. It won't solve anything. In fact, it will escalate the problem. A sofa is not going to solve your problems. You both have to talk about it and work out whatever you are going through. Make sure you give each other a good night kiss before you go to sleep even when you are not too happy with each other! This way he knows you are not angry with him and that instead you are upset with the situation.

A relationship must have a strong foundation for it to last. Ladies! Be with a man who you really want! And it's better to be with a man who wants you more than you want him because he will do everything in his power to keep you happy. If something goes wrong, he will work hard to make the relationship work.

Ladies! No matter how long you have been married, don't get too comfortable! You have to continue to do the same things you did before you got married. Keep the relationship fresh and up to date by spending quality time with each other! Go out to a movie! Have a picnic! Go dancing with your man! All those things will keep the relationship exciting and fun. Remember ladies! The more fun you have in the relationship, the more successful the relationship will be. Do things that will make your man thank you! The more he thanks you, the more he'll want to do things to make you happy.

You have to be faithful in the relationship. The best way not to cheat is to remind yourself how happy you are in the relationship and that you don't want to do anything to mess it up. Always think about your commitment and act like your man is always next to you even when he's not! It will keep you from doing things that may end your relationship. Don't let your arrogance get in the way of your happiness! If you do something wrong, admit that you were wrong and apologize to him about it! It shows strength, not weakness. Ladies! A man is emotional too! Sometimes he needs someone to talk to. So if he calls you and says he needs to talk, don't blow him off! Be there for him! Sometimes a man needs someone to talk to when he is going through problems. Let him know everything will be OK and that you will get through it together. Be your man's strength when he needs you! Let him know everything will be OK as long as you are by his side. When your man is having problems, speak to him in a positive tone and be optimistic.

Women! If your man makes a mistake and cheats on you, don't try to do the same thing! Two wrongs don't make it right. Don't think about revenge! It will create more problems. Try to work through the problem and find a common ground to resolve it! Ladies! You should never think about getting revenge. It doesn't solve anything. In fact, it can destroy the relationship. When you love someone, you shouldn't think about intentionally hurting him no matter what mistakes he's made. Trying to get revenge is bad for a relationship. Don't go sleeping with another man just to get even with your man! You might end up hurting yourself more by getting pregnant by that other man or you may even catch a sexually transmitted disease that can't be cured.

Ladies! Tomorrow is not promised, so enjoy the present and think about the future! Love the one you are with! If your man treats you well, keep him! Don't live your life for disappointment! Whatever failures happen in your life, don't dwell on them! Learn from them to pave a path for success in the future. Don't make your failures the highlight of your journey! Learn from them and think positive about the future and be optimistic. Remember! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Always wish for the best you just might get it! Don't dwell on failure. Without it, there would be no success. The only person you have control over is you. Try to be the best person you can be.

If you are a promiscuous person, know that you can change your behavior. Date one man at a time and only sleep with a man that you are in a serious relationship with. Women! For things to change, you must change. You shouldn't have friends with benefits. Don't confuse yourself! If you have a friend, that relationship should be platonic and that means no sex. If you are having sex with a man, make sure you are in a committed monogamous relationship and not someone you're not even sure if he's your boyfriend or not. You should always know what kind a relationship you are in.

Ladies! When you are going through problems in your relationship and you need advice, it's better to talk to couples that have successful marriages because they can offer you good advice and may encourage you to stay in the marriage because in time things will get better. The way to keep a man and make him adore you is by being understanding, loving and patient. Don't be too judgmental! Be faithful, loyal and respectful. Be consistent in the relationship and try to be good to him at all times, not just when you feel like it!

Ladies! If your man is concerned that you are spending too much time with your male friend and he thinks you might be sleeping with him, don't keep saying we are just friends! Actions speak louder than words. You need to spend less time with your male friend and spend more time with your husband. Let your husband know you are not interested in him and if he wants you to spend less time with your male friend, respect his wishes.

Your husband is way more important than any friend. Women! Sometimes a man needs to know that you are happy in the relationship. Tell him how much you love him, how happy you are in the relationship! If your man is not happy at home, he won't want to come home, so make your house a place he wants to enjoy by keeping it nice and neat. Let your man know he needs to clean after himself to keep the house looking nice. Men will complain when the house looks messy, so make sure he cleans after himself so you both can enjoy the home.

Women! Dedicate yourself to the relationship! You shouldn't tell your man that you are with him for financial reasons. That will make him feel like you don't care about him and that you are just using him. Your man wants you to like him for who he is, not because he's helping you pay the bills. If you make your man feel like a bank, and like you only care about his money, it will make him feel bad about himself and insecure about the relationship. He will believe you are unhappy with him and that the minute you find another guy who is willing to pay your bills, you will be gone.

Don't do bad things in the relationship just because your friends want you to, like going out clubbing and coming home the next day! This kind of behavior may end your relationship. A man doesn't like a woman who is a follower who can't make her own decisions. A man likes a woman who is a leader who can make her own decisions without other people's influence. Don't let a friend tell you how to treat your man or have any say in your relationship! Don't let a friend control you or try to get you do what they want you to do as if you are a puppet just because they don't like your husband. A friend may try to sabotage the relationship.

Ladies! If you are single and you haven't found the right guy for you, for things to change you must change. It's time to think out of the box and be open-minded about dating a different type of man who is not the usual type that you have been dating. Obviously they are not your type because your relationships haven't worked. You need to try someone who might be a better personality match. If a guy asks you out on a date and he's not the type you usually date, but you think he might be a good guy, give him a chance! He might surprise you and...