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The Dragons of Rosemar - The Dragon King Prophecy

Daniel S. Patrick


Verlag BookBaby, 2009

ISBN 9781483504605 , 265 Seiten

Format ePUB

Kopierschutz DRM


8,69 EUR


The story takes place during medieval times. The last war was over fourteen years ago, yet no one dares to speak of the war because of all the losses that the kingdom had to over-come-especially the Elders, who had nearly lost everything they cherished. King Zimri has been the ruler of Rosemar for over thirty years. He is a good and fair king who takes care of his people. He trusts his advisors and listens to their concerns. His advi-sors include Wyndham, head of the dragon riders; Gunther Stormcloud, the kingdom?s mage; and Captain Sagar, head of the Royal Guard. It has been a long, hard road rebuilding the castle, the sol-diers, and the dragon riders. But no one was truly prepared for what was about to happen next.