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Insurance Law for the Construction Industry

Insurance Law for the Construction Industry

von: Robert Hogarth, Alexandra Anderson, Simon Goldring

OUP Oxford, 2013

ISBN: 9780191666766

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Preis: 316,19 EUR


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Insurance Law for the Construction Industry


Questions of insurance arise in virtually all constructions cases. Providing a much-needed guide to the complex interface between insurance law and construction projects, this fully revised and updated second edition of Insurance Law for the Construction Industry will be of practical everyday use to both contentious and non-contentious lawyers. Written by an experienced team of practising solicitors from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, this work combines an overview ofthe relevant insurance law with the specific detail specialists will require. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the issues involving insurance encountered in the process of construction. It gives practical answers to all the problems likely to be encountered when negotiating construction contracts, insurance policies or insurance claims. Insurance Law for the Construction Industry is divided into four clear sections for ease of reference. It begins with an exposition of the principles of insurance law and then describes in detail the typical clauses found in insurance policies, the policies to be taken out by standard form construction contracts and how insurance is distributed and regulated. The many strands of insurance law are expertly drawn together to provide an excellent point of reference for all those workingin this sector.