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Orphans of a Loveless God - Volume I - Quest

Orphans of a Loveless God - Volume I - Quest

von: Paula Heath

BookBaby, 2014

ISBN: 9781483535418 , 223 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

Windows PC,Mac OSX geeignet für alle DRM-fähigen eReader Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Apple iPod touch, iPhone und Android Smartphones

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Orphans of a Loveless God - Volume I - Quest


A vampire's love is mighty as they desire it beyond death... This gripping British Vampire Romance Series is a must for all vampire lovers. A mystical gothic romance, full of suspenseful twists and compelling characters who will lead you into their hidden world, where nothing is as it seems... UNLOCK THE MANY SECRETS TO SANCTUARY...Modern day, England. Callum is a stranger to the town of Sanctuary. He is on a mission; one that would prove easier if he weren't to lose his heart and sanity to Sophie; a lady so fair - skin so dazzling. Callum's quest would run smoother if he didn't have to contend with the local delinquent vampire gang. Vampires grow hungry for blood each night and, as they do, their senses heighten and their consciences fade. Vampires have dead eyes; no reflections in their pupils; no sign of soul intact. Only another vampire can recognize this trait. This impossible and crazy adventure would be simpler still if Sophie was free to love Callum in return. But Sophie has a boyfriend, Jon; a vampire and the leader of the menacing gang. - A vampire's love is mighty as they desire it beyond death. So swiftly all hell breaks loose, and with many a twist of events, Callum realizes, too late, that what he strives for is precisely what he should fear. Such precious, fragile, dangerous Orphans of a Loveless God dare you to venture. Welcome to Sanctuary...