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The Prophesy of Hermes - A Modern Greek Cat Becomes the Prophet

Paul Watson


Verlag BookBaby, 2014

ISBN 9781634432849 , 108 Seiten

Format ePUB

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3,79 EUR


Three cats, four friends - the Great Rat Plague spreads across the Mediterranean as Hermes, Ajax and Artemis sail from port to port on a rusty old ship. If cats are to survive, these three must solve the twin riddles: Where are the rats coming from and how can they be stopped? Storms at sea, rat armies and tunnels connecting past to present create an intricate weave of challenges the cats must overcome. Can Hermes and his young recruits solve the twin riddles? Can they end the most powerful challenge cats have faced in 500 years? Read The Prophesy of Hermes and find out!