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Functional Imaging in Nephro-Urology

Functional Imaging in Nephro-Urology

von: Alain Prigent, Amy Piepsz

Taylor and Francis, 2006

ISBN: 9780203004487

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Functional Imaging in Nephro-Urology


Formulated by members of the International Scientific Committee of Radionuclides in Nephro-urology (ISCORN), Functional Imaging in Nephro-urology is not a textbook on uronephrology or radionuclides in nephro-urology, or even a book on new techniques in imaging. What the editor and authors provide here is a unique opportunity to evaluate the strategic management techniques (both diagnosis and follow-up) of a number of uronephrological entities. Demonstrating the experience of the authors in using various imaging modalities, and detailing the benefits and controversies which are associated with their clinical applications, this text presents management strategies based on the patient, the choice of modality, and cost implications.Detailed, well-referenced and highly illustrated, this is an important book for radiologists, nephrologists and urologists working with children and adults, specialists in renal nuclear medicine, and pediatricians.