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Kurenai the Crimson 1865 - An Oiran, A Ninja and a Hiding Christian

Hana da Yumiko


Verlag BookBaby, 2015

ISBN 9781483559315 , 59 Seiten

Format ePUB

Kopierschutz DRM


2,19 EUR


Travel back in time to 1865 and the lush island of Kyushu in southern Japan. Here you will meet Kurenai, a highly sought-after geisha; Jin, a renounced ninja desperate to escape his former warrior brothers; and Rutu, a young Christian woman desperate to keep her faith-even if it means losing her life. Acclaimed Japanese author Hana da Yumiko takes readers on a journey into a fascinating time in Japanese history, where feudalism is on the cusp of falling to the modern Meiji government. Caught in the crosshairs of history and destiny, Kurenai, Rutu, and Jin will struggle to maintain their identities in the midst of extraordinary personal and societal upheaval. Defying cultural expectations and pressures, each of them must make decisions about their future that could ultimately cost them their life.