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Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink

von: Johann Hüthmair

ReSTART, 2005

ISBN: 9781919786452 , 126 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Preis: 9,99 EUR


  • Küsse, Baby und das Familienglück
    Auf Umwegen ins große Glück
    Ein Millionär zum Verlieben
    Neuer Mann - neues Glück?
    Ein Happy End für unsere Liebe
    Flieh nicht vor der Liebe, Gracie!
    Viel mehr, als du denkst!
    Funkelnd wie ein Diamant
  • Melanie, die Liebesbotin
    Liebesskandal in der High Society?
    Märchenprinz sucht Aschenputtel
    Sehnsüchtige Träume am Mittelmeer
    Picknick mit einem Cowboy
    Entführt in den Palazzo des Prinzen
    Tage der Rache, Nächte der Zärtlichkeit
    Heiraten? Nur aus Liebe!

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Back from the Brink


8. THE BOSS (S.88-89)

Where the buck stops

Business is the applying of discipline , accuracy and knowledge with profit as the result. What laws and forces decide between success and failure? If we take SME's , there is only one central guarantee – the businessman or in other words – the boss.

Throughout the last century there have been periods where certain businesses or products have had particular success potential. One of these periods, post-WWII, has now passed and left the world economy with shorter growth cycles. World markets are saturated and many manufacturers struggle with over-capacities. Such economic situations demand the ability to change and adjust quickly. In medium and small businesses the businessman is personally the instigator of change and adjustment processes. It becomes a necessary virtue in unstable markets to adjust quickly to altered market conditions and to recognise trends.

But that means that the businessman himself has to be almost a genius with the capacities of a clairvoyant. The businessman creates the development of strategy in the business. Through teamwork he can protect himself from looking at things one-sidedly. The ability of the businessman to build team capacity thus becomes a core criterion for learning in the business. Developing products in conformity with the market demand and also structures that withstand the competitive situation, requires the constructive collaboration of several people in the business. As a rule of thumb, it can be presumed that a maximum of five percent of the members of the organisation (boss, executive staff) influence the prosperity or decline of an business.

This five percent of the top management determines whether the other ninety-five percent of the staff and their dependants experience prosperity or poverty, health or suffering. An individual can initiate things during a pioneer phase but he is rarely able to ensure long-term business success . The businessman needs a constructive spirit at his side. In many cases this is the marriage partner – but also in the case of many successful medium and small businesses – faith in God first.