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WCOM (World Class Operations Management) - Why You Need More Than Lean

von: Carlo Baroncelli, Noela Ballerio

Springer-Verlag, 2016

ISBN: 9783319301051 , 271 Seiten

Format: PDF

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WCOM (World Class Operations Management) - Why You Need More Than Lean


This book deals with World Class Operations Management (WCOM), detailing its principles, methods and organisation, and the results that this approach can bring about. Utilising real-world case studies illustrated by companies that have adopted this model (interviews with Saint-Gobain, L'Oréal, Tetra Pak, Bemis, and Bel Executives), it describes common patterns drawn from decades of hands-on experience, so as to present a theoretical approach together with the concrete application of its principles.
WCOM, adopted by several multinational companies, is one of the more innovative management practises, as it integrates the best Continuous Improvement approaches (Lean, Total Productive Management, World Class Manufacturing) as well as the most innovative approaches in human dynamics like Change Leadership, Performance Behavior, Shingo Model, to name a few.

Maximising reader insights into the successful implementation of such an approach, and explaining not only its potentialities, but also its implementation dynamics, the critical points and the ways it can be integrated into different situations, this book is also about how to create a culture of excellence that is sustainable over a long period of time and delivers consistent (or ever-improving) results. 

Noela is Senior Knowledge Manager at EFESO, with  15 years experience in knowledge management and linguistics management. 

She obtained an honours degree in Law and a Master in Juridical Anthropology & Ethnology at Milan University.
She practiced for 2 years as a lawyer and legal translator, cultivating her passion for social sciences by attending a drama school in Milan and seminars in drama therapy.
She joined EFESO in 2001 as Translation Manager, Knowledge & Communication Manager and then Knowledge Manager. Today she is coordinating the knowledge development process in the Change Management domain, and teaching communication skills.
She writes and draws children stories, translate books, makes readings.

After a doctorate in Management Engineering, Carlo attended a specialisation course at MIT in USA and at JIPM in Japan.
Carlo was one of the promoter partners of Efeso and has more than 25 yrs experience in Operations Strategy and World Class Operation Management, leading programs for multinational companies, from Product Development to Supply Chain domain.
His experience encompasses many industrial sectors, from Automotive to Pharma, Packaging, Mechanical, Paper, Steel, and Public Administration. The most relevant experiences fall into the field of Manufacturing.
He has been responsible for Manufacturing and Logistics' Area at the School of Management of the Università di Genova, he has teached at ISTUD and MIP (Master of the Politecnico di Milano) and for 'Università' di Bergamo.
He was Vice-President of the Italian Chapter of the Society of Logistic Engineers. Since 2007 he is a member of the Directoire and responsible for the Knowledge Development of Solving Efeso Group in Paris.
Rajinder has over 27 years of hands-on experience in designing and implementing manufacturing systems based on Lean principles. His rich experience with multinationals such as Ford & Delphi, along with his passion for Lean thinking has made him one of the leading Lean and operational excellence consultants in India. As a consultant he has executed several high-impact projects with companies located in India, Dubai, Egypt, Singapore, Germany, China & Mauritius and in sectors ranging from automotive, appliances, chemical, ceramics, food and beverages to yarn and textile. 

Prior to becoming a full-time Lean evangelist in 2002, Rajinder worked with a Maurti-Ford joint venture (as a Senior Manager) and with Delphi, India (as a plant head). At Delphi he was responsible for setting up their plant in Gurgaon as well as heading another plant in NOIDA. His key contribution there was to transform the unit into a profitable one by increasing operational efficiency.
Rajinder's qualifications include Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering from IIT Roorkee.