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The professional development of primary EFL teachers - National and international research

von: Eva Wilden, Raphaela Porsch

Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 2017

ISBN: 9783830984245 , 224 Seiten

Format: PDF, OL

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Preis: 33,99 EUR


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The professional development of primary EFL teachers - National and international research


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Researching the professional development of primary EFL teachers. An introduction (Eva Wilden and Raphaela Porsch)

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25 years of ‘new’ young learner classrooms. Insights and challenges for teacher education (Angelika Kubanek)

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The earlier, the better? Some critical remarks on current EFL teaching to young learners and their implications for foreign language teacher education (Thorsten Piske)

4,20 EUR

The introduction of EFL in primary education in Germany. A view from implementation research (Raphaela Porsch and Eva Wilden)

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The role of early language learning teacher education in turning policy into practice (Shelagh Rixon)

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A passion for teaching, or the brightest and the best? Notions of quality in primary EFL teacher education (Janet Enever)

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Theory and practice in primary English teacher education. A review of empirical research until 2015 (Henriette Dausend)

6,00 EUR

Primary EFL teachers as researchers. Benefits and challenges (Nora Benitt)

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Teacher development opportunities in an action research project. Primary English teachers working with children as co-researchers in India (Annamaria Pinter and Rama Mathew)

3,60 EUR

Beginning reading and writing in primary EFL classes. The potential of phonics in primary EFL teaching (Alicia Jöckel)

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(Primary) EFL teachers’ professional knowledge. Theoretical assumptions and empirical findings (Bianca Roters)

4,20 EUR

Teacher education and professional competence of EFL teachers. Evidence from the PKE project (Johannes König, Sandra Lammerding, Günter Nold, Andreas Rohde, Sarah Strauß and Sarantis Tachtsoglou)

4,80 EUR

You teach what you believe in. BELT – Beliefs about Effective Language Teaching (Henning Rossa)

3,60 EUR

Teacher language in German EFL classrooms at primary level. An interview study (Ann-Cathrin Deters-Philipp)

4,50 EUR