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Role of Physical Exercise in Preventing Disease and Improving the Quality of Life

Role of Physical Exercise in Preventing Disease and Improving the Quality of Life

von: Vilberto Stocchi, Pierpaolo De Feo, David A. Hood

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9788847003767 , 221 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Role of Physical Exercise in Preventing Disease and Improving the Quality of Life


The aim of this volume is to underline that promoting physical activity is crucial to preventing illness and maintaining our health, thus leading to a reduction in healthcare costs. Over the last decade studies have shown that physical exercise plays an important role in maintaining an individual's psycho-physical balance. Physical activity therefore helps in tackling today's major health challenges, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiorespiratory diseases.

Prof. Vilberto Stocchi is currently Full Professor of Biochemistry and Dean of the Faculty of Health and Physical Exercise at the University of Urbino. Furthermore Prof. Stocchi is the Director of the Center for the Study of Protein Biochemistry at the University of Urbino and of Institute of Research on Physical Activity.
Currently he is involved in the Project CIPE - Improvement of the quality of the life of the elderly, of the Marche Region, through the use of methodologies and innovative equipments with particular reference to the physical activity; he is also working for the European Project 2004: European year of the Education through the Sport Program 'Education and sport: values without frontiers '.
The research activity of the Prof. Stocchi is documented by more then 200 papers published on international scientific reviews and by as many Conference participation.