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Micro-Tomographic Atlas of the Mouse Skeleton

Micro-Tomographic Atlas of the Mouse Skeleton

von: Itai A. Bab, Carmit Hajbi-Yonissi, Yankel Gabet, Ralph Müller

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9780387392585 , 205 Seiten

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Format: PDF

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Micro-Tomographic Atlas of the Mouse Skeleton


The Micro-Tomographic Atlas of the Mouse Skeleton provides a unique systematic description of all calcified components of the mouse. It includes about 200 high resolution, two and three dimensional m CT images of the exterior and interiors of all bones and joints. In addition, the spatial relationship of bones within complex skeletal units is also described. The images are accompanied by detailed explanatory text, thus highlighting special features and newly reported structures. The Atlas fulfils an emerging need for a comprehensive reference to assist both trained and in-training researchers.