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How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease - The Billion Dollar Cholesterol 'Scam' Exposed

Dr. Gottfried A. Lange


Verlag BookBaby, 2016

ISBN 9781483564753 , 102 Seiten

Format ePUB

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11,89 EUR


In a world where cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and where three of four people diagnosed with cardiovascular disease will die from heart attack or stroke, Dr. Lange offers well-documented preventative and curative approaches based on his 35 years of practice and research. Since receiving his M.D. from Hamburg University in 1980, Dr. Lange has specialized in natural medicine, cellular nutrition and in life extension using vitamins and other powerful natural substances. Based on decades of practical experience sifting out what really works, Dr. Lange has spent the past fifteen years working with and lecturing to health professionals and consumers on the use of advanced vitamin formulas to prevent and cure common 'killer' diseases, leading to the publication of his eye-opening new work. This book, based on more than 250 scientific references, reveals the true causes of this worldwide epidemic of heart disease and strokes. It also provides vital information needed to really cure and prevent heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure and become or stay healthy and fit for a lifetime.