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Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan, a Confederate Soldier

Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan, a Confederate Soldier

von: Thomas D. Duncan

Charles River Editors, 2018

ISBN: 9781508020516 , 138 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan, a Confederate Soldier


This is a memoir of the Civil War written by a Confederate cavalryman who rode with the notorious Nathan Bedford Forrest in the Western theater. From the beginning:

IN yielding to the request which has brought forth this effort, I shall not assume the rôle of the historian nor set myself up as a critic of any command or commander.

Being in my seventy-sixth year, in the calming twilight of life's evening, I feel that I am capable of recording, without prejudice or passion, my impressions of that most heated era of our country, whose momentous events-sad, tragic, glorious-represent the summit of dramatic interest in all my years.

As it is impossible for any two persons to see the same things exactly alike, it is but natural to suppose that I shall present facts at variance with the views of some others; but as my purpose is not that of the controversialist, I shall have no quarrel with any man's views, but to all who may be interested in this narrative I would say that the scenes herein reviewed came within the vision of my eyes, and my highest ambition is to give a truthful reflection from my viewpoint.