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Statistical Physics of Nanoparticles in the Gas Phase

von: Klavs Hansen

Springer-Verlag, 2018

ISBN: 9783319900629 , 416 Seiten

2. Auflage

Format: PDF

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Statistical Physics of Nanoparticles in the Gas Phase


Thermal processes are ubiquitous and an understanding of thermal phenomena is essential for a complete description of the physics of nanoparticles, both for the purpose of modeling the dynamics of the particles and for the correct interpretation of experimental data.
The second edition of this book follows the logic of first edition, with an emphasis on presentation of literature results and to guide the reader through derivations. Several topics have been added to the repertoire, notably magnetism, a fuller exposition of aggregation and the related area of nucleation theory. Also a new chapter has been added on the transient hot electron phenomenon. 

The book remains focused on the fundamental properties of nanosystems in the gas phase. Each chapter is enriched with additional new exercises and three Appendices provide additional useful material.

Klavs Hansen is Professor of Physics at Tianjin University. Educated at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, he has held positions in the Denmark, USA, Germany, Finland, and Sweden. His expertise is in statistical and quantum processes in free clusters and large molecules, studied at ion traps and storage rings with multiphoton ionization and fragmentation experiments. He is currently also senior visiting professor at KU Leuven.