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What Do I Do So Wrong - An Introduction to the Narcissistic Mother

What Do I Do So Wrong - An Introduction to the Narcissistic Mother

von: D.T Bloom

Escape Publishers, 2019

ISBN: 6610000145416 , 74 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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What Do I Do So Wrong - An Introduction to the Narcissistic Mother


'What Do I Do So Wrong?' is an in-depth introduction to the narcissistic mother.
Often the characteristics of a narcissistic mother can be brushed off as her being 'difficult' or 'overbearing'. In reality, the narcissistic mother hides many damaging behaviours that are a very real form of childhood abuse. This can be difficult for adult children of narcissistic mothers to come to terms with and comprehend, especially with the term 'narcissistic' being such a broad term for a complex type of emotional abuse. 
Do you feel confused, frustrated or empty after being around your mother? Are you riddled with self-doubt, unsure of how your mother really feels about you? Do you find her reactions to your achievements or accomplishments leave you feeling like a failure? Do you feel suppressed, controlled and like rejection is a feeling you're constantly battling with?
If this resonates with you, then it sounds like you have a narcissistic mother - just like me. 
In this book I aim to help you understand just what a narcissistic mother is, drawing from my own damaging upbringing and traumatic relationship with my mother. I want to offer my own experiences, as well go through some of the things I did to break free from the emotionally draining effects my childhood had on me. 
By the end of this book, I hope to have given you an understanding of the following:
- What a narcissistic mother is
- Discover why some mothers are narcissists, even towards their own children
- Understanding the effects a narcissistic upbringing has on adult children, and offering ways to combat those negative effects
I'll use my own narcissistic mother experience to explain the behaviours she exhibits, the impact it has and help give you an understanding of why she treats you this way.
I don't have a PhD in psychology, but I do have something most PhD's don't: real life, genuine experiences with abuse and narcissism and decades worth of recovery and healing to help guide others through the same experiences. I don't just recite what I've read in a textbook - I've lived through abuse and come out of the other side with a wealth of knowledge, and I hope it can help inspire and show others that there is a better life for them. I want my content to be accessible to those who need help and guidance through the aftermath of abuse, and I want it to be as jargon-free and understandable as possible.