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My immortality

von: Yekaterina Prokhorova

Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2019

ISBN: 9783966101912 , 428 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen

Windows PC,Mac OSX geeignet für alle DRM-fähigen eReader Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Apple iPod touch, iPhone und Android Smartphones

Preis: 1,99 EUR


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My immortality


Irma Hunt is a witch whose mystery of birth has long been unsolved. Desperately trying to be a man, to kill in himself all that is inhuman. Strongly and thoughtlessly falls in love with a man, but the witches who watch her threaten to try to isolate the witch from the human world. As a result of the big fight, the witches understand that Irma is much stronger than they. She is the heir to the strength of their main progenitress Daphne. Irma is hiding in a big city where her love lives, but her instincts manifest themselves with great force. She can no longer control them. Irma tells everything to her lover and leaves for her remote village of Ayan. There the witches find her and introduce her to their life. At this time, Irma realizes that she is pregnant. The witches are ready to kill the child for the sake of common secrets, although they doubt that Irma can bear him. The witch is ready to run. Her lover finds it. He is ready to accept her inhuman essence. But how would he react to her pregnancy?