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SAPONI - Spaces and Projects of National Importance

von: Bernd Scholl

vdf Hochschulverlag AG, 2011

ISBN: 9783728134615 , 132 Seiten

Format: PDF

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SAPONI - Spaces and Projects of National Importance


Spaces and Projects of National Importance (SAPONI) are not only important for the respective spatial areas, they are also in the interest of the entire nation, and sometimes of European interest as well. Over a three years period a series of different symposia with high-level spatial planners from all over Europe had been focusing on these strategic spaces and projects. The book sums up the findings of these issues which can have 'far-reaching consequences and chances that could be used - or they could be lost' like the leader of the workshop-series, Prof. Bernd Scholl, points out. target audience: spatial and urban planners, politicians and institutions