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Auditing For Dummies

Auditing For Dummies

von: Maire Loughran

For Dummies, 2010

ISBN: 9780470877562 , 384 Seiten

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Auditing For Dummies


The easy way to master the art of auditingWant to be an auditor and need to hone your investigating skills? Look no further. This friendly guide gives you an easy-to-understand explanation of auditing — from gathering financial statements and accounting information to analyzing a client's financial position. Packed with examples, it gives you everything you need to ace an auditing course and begin a career today.
  • Auditing 101 — get a crash course in the world of auditing and a description of the types of tasks you'll be expected to perform during a typical day on the job
  • It's risky business — find out about audit risk and arm yourself with the know-how to collect the right type of evidence to support your decisions
  • Auditing in the real world — dig into tons of sample business records to perform your first audit
  • Focus on finances — learn how both ends of the financial equation — balance sheet and income statement — need to be presented on your client's financial statements
  • Seal the deal — get the lowdown on how to wrap up your audit and write your opinion
  • After the audit — see the types of additional services that may be asked of you after you've issued your professional opinion
Open the book and find:
  • A day in the life of an auditor
  • Who gets audited and why
  • Professional standards and ethics
  • How to assess audit risk
  • Tips on collecting and documenting audit evidence
  • The best way to get to know your client
  • Auditing practices for every business angle (revenue, purchases, personnel, and more)
  • What you'll need to complete the audit
Learn to:
  • Understand the concepts and theories of auditing
  • Conduct internal and external audits
  • Ensure accurate and correct records
  • Avoid fraudulent practices