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The Daredevil - Taking time out from management

Carsten Alex


Verlag carsten alex verlag, 2012

ISBN 9783981563139 , 129 Seiten

Format ePUB

Kopierschutz DRM


1,99 EUR


When was the last time you thought of taking a time-out? And … what became of that wish?

The Daredevil. Taking time out from Management - a journey of transformation is the story of a manager who longed to take a break and followed through. He stepped out of his managerial duties only to step back in, replenished and transformed.

Without asking why or how, he took a two-year break and used that time to analyze his life and priorities. Most of all he re-evaluated the fixation he had on his career and the high price he had to pay for it.

Enriched by moving experiences, Carsten Alex returned newly motivated to his job as a manager of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. His backpack filled with changes in attitude on life and work, and with concretely formed ideas what it takes to be truly happy.

In this book the author recounts how new perspectives opened up during his time out. At the same time he takes us along his extraordinary world tour. You will find questions answered as you read on, and you may just ponder your own time out.

This book is a challenging yet delightful read for the manager and the daredevil, and for all those who yearn to take a break and wish to grow.