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Boys in Bed - Gay anthology

Boys in Bed - Gay anthology

von: William Anthony, Elizabeth Coldwell, D K Jernigan, Lynn Lake, Drew Payne, Landon Dixon, Dominic Sant

Xcite Books, 2013

ISBN: 9781908766168

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Preis: 2,09 EUR


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Boys in Bed - Gay anthology


Twenty tales of hot man-on-man action showcasing the very best in erotic writing and the raunchiest gay encounters around, from wild one-night stands to the lasting connections made by long-term lovers.Dominant masters and their willing submissives, musclebound hunks and shy, geeky guys, curious virgins and experienced studs all rub shoulders in this mouth-wateringly erotic collection.When boys get together in bed , the last thing they want to do is sleepFinished By Hand by William AnthonyYoung Mr Grisham has been working for Marquis & Delaney Gentlemans Outfitters, for several years, and still has a commission to make at the end of the month. How else is he going to pay for those exotic holidays along the North African coast? Or the pleasures which go with them? So when the young, expensively dressed Moroccan-looking gentleman enters the premises, Mr Grisham decides to make him his prime concern. However, as things progress, the young sales assistant discovers theres more to be had than just a helping hand when it comes to measuring up in the fitting room.The Hung Games by Elizabeth ColdwellThe games have an audience of millions, glued to their screens as eight fit, well-hung men battle to be the last one standing. Venness may have the equipment to make him a contender, but the contest is supposed to be fixed in the favour of ultra-dominant reigning champion Darien. Has he really got what it takes to bring Darien down and finally make him submit to whatever humiliation may follow?Chocolates at the Sun Garden Hotel by D.K. JerniganWhen Jonah delivers a box of the companys finest chocolate truffles to the Sun Garden Hotel, he doesnt expect his boyfriend, Everet, to open the door. And as Everet has arranged for someone to cover his deliveries for the rest of the day, they have plenty of time to spend making love thats sweet, like chocolateThe Age of Indolence by Lynn LakeIt was no secret that Bertrand Toddy was skilled with his hands, being an erotic playwright, and equally adept with his mouth, being an erotic orator. And his skills as a pornographic photographer were also widely renowned, Victorian Britain embracing the passionate man though on the sly, of course. An invitation to his home, then, was an invitation to the finer, fiercely perverted things in life, performed both by the artist himself, and his always willing and nubile band of protgs.Two in the Bed by Drew PayneHes wanted Mark for years, but life caused the two friends to drift apart before he could ever act on his attraction. Now he has Mark in his bed, half-naked and horny, and hes determined to make up for all that lost time.Paddle Boy by Landon DixonIt was Pledge Week at the college fraternity paddling week and he was making all the frat brothers sore with his showing off. So they decided to make him sore, hitting him right where he called home with ever-bigger and harder tools of discipline, and delight. Pledge Week was his favourite time of year.Bananas by Dominic SantiLust at first sight slams into the net when a Southern California beach volleyball player falls for a hunk whos allergic to everything from sunblock to lube to latex. As Speedo meets long-sleeves and a hat, the lovers find new ways to get off.Evolution of Attraction by Katya HarrisJamies always loved women and never thought he would be attracted to a man, but that was before he met Bryan Foster. The attraction he feels for his gay best friend has been building and building, and now theyre sharing a motel room for the night, he can longer deny just how much he wants him. The surprise is that Bryan wants him just as badly, even though he thinks Jamie is just curious about gay sex. Neither of them is ready to admit that what they feel for each other is more than curiosity or casual lust, but by the time morning comes around, they both know what theyve shared could be the beginning of something wonderful.Happy New Year DJ Lawrence by Graham BenedictLawrence, the DJ owner of a mobile disco, doesnt think he has a thing about uniforms, or the men who wear them. So the New Years Eve gig at a local naval base is just business as usual. Until Gary, the leading seaman, comes back off shore patrol and walks into the club. At the end of the night, when Lawrence finds his van has been snowed in, its not long before he discovers that, when it comes to naval manoeuvres, Gary has no qualms about disregarding any rules of engagementLay-by by L.A. FieldsLifes hard when youre a college kid living with your aunt to avoid all the teasing that comes from being gay and weighing a good 290 pounds. Except the other kids at college dont tease Bruce, and the only thing stopping him from breaking away is his own fear. Until his old friend Wade shows up, spelling trouble in all the nicest of ways and promising to show Bruce all the passion hes been missing.April Showers by Michael WellsYou can watch the world from your window or join in. Sometimes the world barges in, picks you up and shakes you, and when it does, youre forced into taking the ride! When dodgy pipework causes a flood in the upstairs flat, recluse Tom is forced step in and help Alexi, the half-naked, beautiful, and very wet builder. When the water stops, the heat is turned on and a heady, steamy meeting of worlds begins.A Queer Kind of Caring by Eve RayEric seems a broken man and tired of life when he comes to the old peoples home. But his appetite for young men is undimmed, and he enjoys an Indian summer of passionate sex with his carer, teaching him about all the pleasures two men can enjoy together.Valentine by Beverly LanglandHandsome Jake Barrett is a bully in and out of the bedroom. He lives with his long-suffering boyfriend, Simon, an exuberant party-loving guy who doesnt hide his sexuality, unlike Jake. When he meets Valentine, a busty redhead with piercing grey eyes, in a coffee house he gets a painful reminder of his past. She reveals she was once Paul, the lovesick boy who fancied Jake at school and who Jake bullied mercilessly. What happens next is the stuff of Jakes kinkiest nightmares, and to make matters worse, he discovers that his lover has aided his deliciously humiliating downfall.Bustin Our Balls by Landon DixonKives was wanted on 15 state-wide warrants and a few national ones, and FBI Special Agent Jurgens had a sworn duty to run him down. Only it wasnt always the lawman who got the drop on the lawbreaker, and when they did run into one another, what they did together wasnt at all by the book. From coast to coast, chasing their tails.Memories by Michael BrackenTen years together and still as hot for each other as the day they met, two men spend their anniversary reminiscing about all the good times and the sex. Especially the sex.Spanking the Stripper by E.C. CutlerIts not usual for stripper Chase to booked by a bunch of guys, but hes got no qualms about showing off everything hes got at a 40th party for the very sexy Professor Morgan. However, when he finds himself in handcuffs and being asked to help act out the professors most cherished fantasy, and take a spanking on his bare behind, Chase realises this could be the most painful and pleasurable assignment hes ever had.A Bear in the Woods by Marcus SwannickFor Danny Wilder, a confident social queen, its just another slow and listless Saturday night at The Queens Vault, a members-only piano bar and club down a side alley off of Old Compton Street. However, a chance meeting with the sexually inexperienced stable owner, Michael Howlett, not only ends in a night of hotel sluttiness but also sees the start of a relationship which puts a shine back into Dannys life, and turns the certified town mouse into more than just a country cousin. And it isnt long before Danny gets to find out just what some bears get up to in the woods.And the Crowd Goes Wild! by G.R. RichardsDesmond, Vijay, and Bob co-own an unsuccessful gym and theyve tried every get-rich-quick scheme they can think of to keep their business afloat every get-rich-quick scheme but one: gay sex wrestling. Bob got the idea from porn, but he thinks theyd make some serious cash selling tickets for local guys to watch live, and then broadcasting the video footage online. Theres only one question left: who wants to wrestle?The Gamekeepers Lodge by JYAdam, a powerful, normally straight young dominant stares into his own abyss, out of a consuming desire to destroy himself and relinquish his dominance behind the back of his submissive partner. But where does a top turn when he wants to be topped?A Year of Waiting by Andy McGreggorDominique and Yanis are two lovers, Dominique older and Yanis younger. They have lived together in their lovely home on the shores of Lake Geneva for nearly a year, and whilst Dominique has satisfied his Greek lovers desires amply, one act has he stubbornly refused to perform. Dominique made it quite clear to Yanis that he would need to wait a year before feeling the exquisite delights of anal sex. But tonight is the night and it promises to be quite a show.