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Tipi - Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters

Tipi - Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters

von: Paul Goble

World Wisdom, 2013

ISBN: 9781936597314

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

Windows PC,Mac OSX Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's

Preis: 17,39 EUR


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Tipi - Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters


",When I was a little boy, my mother made me a small tipi and painted it with Native American symbols. It excited my interest, and made me want to know more. This book is the kind of book I began looking for, but never found. So I have made it for you [the young reader].", These are the opening words to world renowned artist, Paul Goble's latest work, Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunter. Through his award winning art, and the stories and tales of the old-timers, Goble examines the construction and art of the tipi, which was more than a simple dwelling for the Plains Indians, but rather an expression in their belief of the spirituality of the world around them.