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Learn FileMaker Pro 16 - The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases

von: Mark Conway Munro

Apress, 2017

ISBN: 9781484228630 , 917 Seiten

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen

Windows PC,Mac OSX Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's

Preis: 52,99 EUR


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Learn FileMaker Pro 16 - The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases


Extend FileMaker's built-in functionality and totally customize your data management environment with specialized functions and menus to super-charge the results and create a truly unique and focused experience. This book includes everything a beginner needs to get started building databases with FileMaker and contains advanced tips and techniques that the most seasoned professionals will appreciate. Written by a long time FileMaker developer, this book contains material for developers of every skill level. 
FileMaker Pro 16 is a powerful database development application used by millions of people in diverse industries to simplify data management tasks, leverage their business information in new ways and automate many mundane tasks. A custom solution built with FileMaker can quickly tap into a powerful set of capabilities and technologies to offer users an intuitive and pleasing environment in which to achieve new levels of efficiency and professionalism. 

What You'll learn

  • Create SQL queries to build fast and efficient formulas
  • Discover new features of version 16 such as JSON functions, Cards, Layout Object window, SortValues, UniqueValues, using variables in Data Sources 
  • Write calculations using built-in and creating your own custom functions
  • Discover the importance of a good approach to interface and technical design
  • Apply best practices for naming conventions and usage standards 
  • Explore advanced topics about designing professional, open-ended solutions and using advanced techniques
Who This Book Is For
Casual programmers, full time consultants and IT professionals. 

Mark Munro is an author, software developer and entrepreneur. A 1988 introduction to FileMaker
led Mark to pursue a career as a developer. Soon after, he was using AppleScript and FileMaker for
information management and process automation. In 1994, Mark founded Write Track Media, a
computer consultancy to develop custom database and workflow automation solutions for clients.
Today, Mark continues in that mission, using AppleScript and FileMaker Pro in combination with
other tools and technologies to build time-saving systems for a diverse list of clients. Armed with
the conviction of the virtue of using of technology to free human focus from repetitive computer
tasks so they can pursue a higher level of productivity, Mark's passion for the work is