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Statistical Misconceptions

Statistical Misconceptions

von: Schuyler W. Huck

Taylor and Francis, 2012

ISBN: 9781135596354

Format: PDF

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Preis: 47,49 EUR


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Statistical Misconceptions


Brief and inexpensive, this engaging book helps readers identify and then discard 52 misconceptions about data and statistical summaries. The focus is on major concepts contained in typical undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics, research methods, or quantitative analysis. Fun interactive Internet exercises that further promote undoing the misconceptions are found on the book's website.The author's accessible discussion of each misconception has five parts:The Misconception - a brief description of the misunderstandingEvidence that the Misconception Exists - examples and claimed prevalenceWhy the Misconception is Dangerous - consequence of having the misunderstandingUndoing the Misconception - how to think correctly about the conceptInternet Assignment - an interactive activity to help readers gain a firm grasp of the statistical concept and overcome the misconception.The book's statistical misconceptions are grouped into 12 chapters that match the topics typically taught in introductory/intermediate courses. However, each of the 52 discussions is self-contained, thus allowing the misconceptions to be covered in any order without confusing the reader. Organized and presented in this manner, the book is an ideal supplement for any standard textbook.Statistical Misconceptions is appropriate for courses taught in a variety of disciplines including psychology, medicine, education, nursing, business, and the social sciences. The book also will benefit independent researchers interested in undoing their statistical misconceptions.