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Tescopoly - How One Shop Came Out on Top and Why it Matters

Tescopoly - How One Shop Came Out on Top and Why it Matters

von: Andrew Simms, Wilson Jessica

Constable & Robinson, 2012

ISBN: 9781780337401

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Preis: 3,99 EUR


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Tescopoly - How One Shop Came Out on Top and Why it Matters


You can shop anywhere you like -- as long as it's Tesco The inexorable rise of supermarkets is big news but have we really taken on board what this means for our daily lives, and those of our children? In this searing analysis Andrew Simms, director of the acclaimed think-and-do-tank the New Economics Foundation and the person responsible for introducing 'Clone Towns' into our vernacular, tackles a subject none of us can afford to ignore. The book shows how the supermarkets -- and Tesco in particular -- have brought: ", Banality -- homogenized high streets full of clone stores ", Ghost towns -- superstores have drained the life from our town centres and communities ", A Supermarket State -- this new commercial nanny state that knows more about you than you think ", Profits from poverty -- shelves full of global plunder, produced for a pittance ", Global food domination -- as the superstores expand overseas But there's change afoot, with evidence of the tide turning and consumer campaigns gaining ground. Simms ends with suggestions for change and coporate reformation to safeguard our communities and environment -- all over the world. This book has been written and published independently from the Tescopoly Alliance and is not endorsed by them.