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Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare

Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare

von: Krzysztof Zielinski, Mariusz Duplaga, David Ingram

Springer-Verlag, 2007

ISBN: 9781846281419 , 354 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare


In-depth study of internet-enhanced healthcare services Complete and thorough survey of the most promising e-health technologies
Presents numerous real world examples
Emphasis on international health-informatics topics, such as better access of states / countries to modern e-health technologies developed by leading centers

The idea of publishing the book on the use of information technology for improvement of healthcare delivery systems from the PRO-ACCESS initiative (ImPROving ACCESS of Associated States to Advanced Concepts in Medical Telematics, IST-2001-38626) focused on the better access of new associated countries (now countries accessing European Union) to modern e-health technologies developed in leading European centers.
The book brings a comprehensive view of all those areas in which application of computer and telecommunication technologies have or will have in near future extensive impact on the quality and availability of health care services. It is addressed to broad audience of readers representing health professionals community, related professional environment, managers and policy-makers focused on health maintence problems.
The PRO-ACCESS initiative focuses on creating a platform for promotion, dissemination and transfer of advanced health telematics concepts and experiences from development and deployment of telemedicine solutions to NAS. To achieve this, a Centre of Competence will be established to broaden the formula of the Krakow Telemedicine CoE existing in Poland, in order to coordinate publishing activities, events, trainings and intake of solutions from cooperating partners within EU and NAS. The main impact of the Centre will be a substantially improved awareness of state-of- the-art medical telematics technologies in NAS. The Krakow Telemedicine CoE will be thereby strengthened by increasing its networking with leading RTD centres in EU and NAS, and by training of research and professional staff of the Centre and target user groups of e-health solutions developed in the CoE.